Teri Bennett

  • Donor Search Expert Coach
  • Donor Search Champion for Her Son

Teri is a very driven woman, and her motto has always been “Faith, Family, Friends.” She loves helping others, especially patients needing kidney transplants, with their journey to awareness, education, and getting the word out on social media about finding a living kidney donor to get their lives back.

Teri became involved in transplantation when her 15-year-old son, Ryan, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, vasculitis, where inflammation compromises the delicate tissues of his sinuses, lungs, and kidneys. This ultimately caused renal failure. Fortunately, his doctors quickly placed him on dialysis, and after 40 intense days and nights, he regained kidney function and was able to leave the hospital.

Fast forward seven years, during what was to be a “routine” check-up, Ryan was shocked to learn his kidney function was rapidly declining, and now, he needed a kidney transplant. His father, Bob, immediately stepped up and asked to be evaluated as a living kidney donor. Much to the family’s relief, he was able to donate and was a match. Soon after, the transplant went off without a hitch.

Sadly, in 2016, Ryan’s labs showed his kidney was attacked by antibodies and rejected. Hospitalized, the specialists fought for 16 days to save his kidney, but Ryan found himself back on dialysis for two long years.

Teri, her daughter and her son-in-law were all evaluated, but they were not compatible donors. It was a very dark time for the family. Ryan’s parents contacted a local support group, Mulligans Living Kidney Donors. They were hoping to find help and guidance on finding a living kidney donor, and they did.

In 2018, Ryan’s best friend, Kyle, came forward in hopes of being a living kidney donor for his buddy. Kyle indeed was compatible and honored to give Ryan the gift of life. Thanks to his friend’s generosity, Ryan can live a normal, active, and enriched life.

Before becoming an NKR microsite coach in June 2021, Teri had 40 years of business/administration experience. After serving 21 years as a dedicated credit manager with a textile company in Louisville, Kentucky, she retired to become a coach full-time.

Teri enjoys crocheting, the beach, and family weekends at the lake with her grandsons Blake and Bryan. She lives in Crestwood, Kentucky, with her husband, Bob.