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Young Man Receives the Rare Gift of Three Transplants 

Before Joseph Sanchez-Munoz was even 1 year old, he had been diagnosed with dysplastic kidney disease (underdeveloped kidneys) and had had a liver transplant due to liver cancer. The chemotherapy for the cancer further damaged his kidneys and heart, and he received a kidney transplant at age 8 and a heart transplant at age 18.

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Friend gives gift of life: Women celebrate 10 years since kidney donation

Thirty years ago, Debbie Lein popped her head in the window of Janet Lyons’ SUV and asked if she wanted to be friends. They have been inseparable ever since, sharing memories, laughs, and even a kidney. Recently, they celebrated their friendship and the 10-year anniversary of the surgery that helped save Lein’s life.

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Kidney Transplant Patient Celebrates 50 Years of Kidney Health

In 1973, Guadalupe Alejos was one the first to undergo a kidney transplant at what is now known as Trinity Health Grand Rapids. Fifty years later, that kidney is still functioning and has allowed him to lead a full, happy and productive life.

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The National Kidney Registry Announces its 300th Microsite Patient Kidney Transplant

Today the National Kidney Registry (NKR) announced a significant milestone in its ongoing efforts to help kidney patients find a living kidney donor. On June 23, 2023, the NKR marked the 300th kidney transplant achieved through the patient microsite program. The 300th transplant took place at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As of July 7, […]

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A teen needed a kidney. His geometry teacher happened to be a match.

Eddie McCarthy was watching the local TV news when he saw a familiar face on the screen: one of his high school math students, Roman McCormick. He had stage 4 kidney disease and his parents were desperately looking for a live kidney donor. No relatives were a match.

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With the gift of a kidney, Madison coworkers become linked for life

In December 2021, Rachel Harrelson, learned she was in advanced kidney failure due to IgA nephropathy and would need a transplant. She had a vacation planned in June, so she figured she would have the transplant in July, Then she found out the wait time was 4-5 years.

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