Microsites: Valuable Tools for Finding a Living Kidney Donor


A microsite is a free, personalized website designed to help patients in need of a transplant find a living kidney donor.

There are two types of microsites. A starter site includes standard text explaining that you need a kidney transplant and asking potential donors to consider being tested to determine if they can donate on your behalf.

With a custom microsite, you can post pictures and tell your own personal story of why you need a kidney to help potential donors learn more about who you are and feel a personal connection to you. Your story can include what led to your need for a kidney transplant, what your life is like now, how it would change if you are able to find a living donor, and personal details such as family, interests and hobbies.

Microsites Business Cards

Once you set up your microsite, you can share the unique URL to your site through email, social media and face-to-face with the 250 free business cards you will receive after the site is activated.

You must be at one of the {{numMicrosites}} transplant centers that participate in the microsite program in order to set up a microsite.

How Can a Microsite Help You Find a Kidney Donor?

A microsite allows you to easily share the story of your kidney health journey with a large number of people. With a microsite, you won’t have to explain all the details of your need for a kidney every time you share your story with a potential donor, which can be overwhelming and uncomfortable.

In addition, a microsite gives you the ability to enlist more people to help you in your search. Your friends and family can easily share a link to your microsite on social media and distribute the business cards to people at their jobs, churches or social organizations. All they have to say is: “My loved one needs a kidney. If you’d like to learn more, here is a link to their story.”

How Can a Microsite Help Kidney Donors or Potential Donors?

Microsites automatically link to your transplant center’s automated donor intake system, which makes for an easy screening process for your potential donors. This is important, because the easier the screening process, the more likely a person is to complete it.

Your microsite also includes information on the support and protections available to people who donate through the National Kidney Registry. The NKR’s Donor Shield program offers a wide range of protections, including reimbursement for lost wages and travel costs due to donation, which removes some the most common barriers to donation.

The donor intake system attached to your microsite also allows potential donors to speak to someone who has already donated. These donor mentors can explain the process and answer any questions the potential donor may have. Learn more about Donor Shield.

Can I Get Help with My Kidney Donor Search?

Everyone who sets up a microsite has access to a microsite coach, which is a donor search expert who has found themselves or a loved one a kidney through a successful donor search. Microsite coaches, who are from the American Kidney Search Network, can help you write your story for your microsite, learn more about the donation and kidney matching process, and use social media to find a living kidney donor.