About Find A Kidney

Recently diagnosed with kidney failure and wondering what to do next? That’s where we come in.

FindAKidney.org, a subsite of the National Kidney Registry, is here to help you find a living kidney donor by giving you the necessary tools and information to run a successful donor search campaign.

Kidney Failure Treatment Options

Generally speaking, there are three main treatments if your kidney failure is permanent: dialysis, a deceased donor transplant or a living donor transplant.

Treatment TypeProsCons
  • Allows you to live without functioning kidneys
  • Preserves your life while you look for a donor
  • High mortality rate: 1 year: 75-80% survival rate
  • 5 years: 35% survival rate
Deceased Donor Transplant
  • Dialysis is no longer required
  • Lower risk of death than on dialysis
  • Better quality of life than on dialysis
  • Fewer dietary restriction than on dialysis
  • Donors are often older and may not be in the best of health
  • Constantly on call—transplants happen with no warning
  • Average wait time is 3-10 years
  • Kidney life of 10-15 years
Living Donor Transplant
  • Less time on a waitlist and less time on dialysis
  • Donor goes through extensive health testing
  • Better outcomes
  • Less medication
  • Lower mortality rates
  • Last twice as long as deceased donor kidneys (20-40 years)
  • Surgery is a challenge for those not in good health
  • Requires searching for a donor
  • Involves someone else (often a loved one) undergoing surgery

About the National Kidney Registry

The National Kidney Registry is dedicated to increasing the number of kidney transplants from living donors, improving donor-recipient matches for longer-lasting transplants, and offering protection and support to living kidney donors to make the kidney donation process safer, easier and more convenient. Learn more.