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In the Find A Kidney Blog, you’ll find both education and inspiration in your search for a living kidney donor, including tips from experts who have conducted a successful search and personal stories from people who have been in your situation and were able to find a living donor for a kidney transplant.

Someone Has Donated a Kidney on Your Behalf and Given You a Voucher. Now What?

If someone wants to donate their kidney to you but they are not a match, the National Kidney Registry’s Voucher Program lets them donate their kidney to a matching recipient and give you a voucher, which you can redeem for a living kidney donor transplant with a kidney from a different living donor. Here’s how […]

How to Share Your Story When You Need a Kidney Donor

EJ Tamez

Being told you need a kidney transplant is overwhelming, and you might be tempted to keep your need for a kidney donor to yourself. Don’t make that mistake. Remember: the more you share your story, the more people you will reach, and the better your chances of finding a living kidney donor. There are many […]

What if My Kidney Donor Lives Far Away from Me?

EJ Tamez

If you have a potential living kidney donor but they live far away from you, it’s important to let them know that they don’t have to come to where you are—they can donate close to home. Through the National Kidney Registry’s remote donation program, donors can have their testing and donation surgery performed at a […]

The Importance of Asking for Help: Leon’s Story

In 2009, I had a new doctor and was getting all the workups you get when you have a new physician, and they noticed elevated levels of creatinine in my urine. They did a kidney biopsy and told me I had FSGS, which is focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. My kidneys were only functioning at 39%. I was […]

My Microsite Saved My Life: Matt’s Story

My kidney transplant journey started with an ATV accident about four years ago. I was crushed between an ATV and a tree, which caused catastrophic injuries including paralysis from the waist down, ribs through both of my lungs, and my left side being completely crushed. Luckily, there was another group of riders behind us that […]

How Do I Ask Someone to Donate a Kidney?

EJ Tamez

If you are experiencing kidney failure and are looking for a living kidney donor, one of the most important aspects of your donor search is learning how to ask someone to be your kidney donor. Donating a kidney is a big commitment, so it makes sense to ask the people closest to you first. According […]

How Do I Get Views on My Kidney Donor Search Microsite?

EJ Tamez

If you are in need of a kidney transplant, having a microsite—a free, personalized website designed to help patients find a living kidney donor—is a great way to spread the word and give potential donors an easy way to learn more and get screened. But just having a microsite isn’t enough. In order to reach […]

Is a Living Donor Kidney Better than a Deceased Donor Kidney?

EJ Tamez

If you need a kidney transplant, you may be wondering which is the better option: a transplant with a kidney from a living donor or a transplant using a kidney from a deceased donor? Either option is better than dialysis, a process that allows you to live without functioning kidneys but is not a very […]

Donor Search Tip: Don’t Try to Convince Someone to Donate a Kidney

EJ Tamez

In the course of your search for a living kidney donor, you will experience a wide range of reactions to your appeal. If someone is interested in being your kidney donor but is worried about a specific obstacle, the National Kidney Registry offers a wide range of solutions designed to address specific disincentives to kidney […]