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In the Find A Kidney Blog, you’ll find both education and inspiration in your search for a living kidney donor, including tips from experts who have conducted a successful search and personal stories from people who have been in your situation and were able to find a living donor for a kidney transplant.

How Do I Ask Someone to Donate a Kidney?

EJ Tamez

If you are experiencing kidney failure and are looking for a living kidney donor, one of the most important aspects of your donor search is learning how to ask someone to be your kidney donor. Donating a kidney is a big commitment, so it makes sense to ask the people closest to you first. According […]

How Do I Get Views on My Kidney Donor Search Microsite?

EJ Tamez

If you are in need of a kidney transplant, having a microsite—a free, personalized website designed to help patients find a living kidney donor—is a great way to spread the word and give potential donors an easy way to learn more and get screened. But just having a microsite isn’t enough. In order to reach […]

Is a Living Donor Kidney Better than a Deceased Donor Kidney?

EJ Tamez

If you need a kidney transplant, you may be wondering which is the better option: a transplant with a kidney from a living donor or a transplant using a kidney from a deceased donor? Either option is better than dialysis, a process that allows you to live without functioning kidneys but is not a very […]

Donor Search Tip: Don’t Try to Convince Someone to Donate a Kidney

EJ Tamez

In the course of your search for a living kidney donor, you will experience a wide range of reactions to your appeal. If someone is interested in being your kidney donor but is worried about a specific obstacle, the National Kidney Registry offers a wide range of solutions designed to address specific disincentives to kidney […]

Donor Search Tip: Don’t Rule Out Anyone as a Living Kidney Donor

EJ Tamez

When you are searching for a living kidney donor, it can be tempting to look for a “perfect” donor—someone who is young and healthy with the same or a compatible blood type as you. In fact, many people who don’t look like “perfect” donors on paper actually make excellent donors, so it’s important to never […]

Donor Search Success Story: Luiz

My name is Luiz, and I want to share my kidney transplant journey. I was a dialysis patient for 2 years. In those 2 years I went through many life changes that I assure you no one is prepared for! But I took everything that came my way with a positive attitude. The days I […]