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How Do I Get Views on My Kidney Donor Search Microsite?

EJ Tamez

If you are in need of a kidney transplant, having a microsite—a free, personalized website designed to help patients find a living kidney donor—is a great way to spread the word and give potential donors an easy way to learn more and get screened. But just having a microsite isn’t enough.

In order to reach as many people as possible with your appeal, you need people to see your microsite. Each time someone views your microsite, your chances of finding a living donor increase.

Once you have your microsite set up, you’ll have a unique URL (website address) that you can share. In order to get as many people as possible to view your microsite, you can share it in the following ways.

Microsite Unique URL
  • Post the URL to your social media accounts. At the top of your microsite (as shown at right), you’ll see icons for Facebook and Twitter. Simply click those buttons to share your microsite on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you share regularly, such as once a week or anytime your microsite is updated.
Microsite Unique URL
  • Send the URL in emails to friends, family and acquaintances. Next to the Facebook and Twitter icons, you’ll see an icon for email. Click that icon to send an email with your microsite address to as many people as possible. Remember: one of the main purposes of the microsite is to prevent you from having to make multiple personal appeals to people. The microsite will do that for you—all you have to do is click the icon, enter email addresses, and write a couple of introductory sentences, such as: “I need a living donor kidney. Please visit my microsite for details.”
  • Share your personalized business cards. You will receive 250 personalized business cards with your name and microsite URL when your site is activated. Carry those cards with you and hand them out at every opportunity—at social gatherings, events, church meetings, etc. In addition, post cards in places where people will see them, such as:
    • Your place of employment
    • Coffee shops
    • Libraries
    • Gyms
    • Schools and universities
    • Grocery stores
    • Restaurants
    • Laundromats
    • Community centers
    • Public community bulletin boards

    To conserve the physical cards while still getting the word out, you can take a picture of the card and share the photo on your social media channels.

  • Reach out to local media and community groups. Contact your local TV news stations, community newspapers or magazines, as well as any local groups that might be able to include your story in their newsletter or share it on their social pages.

When sharing the microsite URL, remember that the more people you share it with, the better your chances of finding a living donor. In addition to extended family members and friends, you can share your microsite with:

  • Coworkers, past and present
  • Members of any clubs, volunteer organizations or community groups you or your family members belong to
  • Church members
  • Former classmates and teachers, including grade school, high school and college
  • Former sports teammates and coaches
  • People who share your hobbies or activities

Every time you share your microsite URL with someone, ask them to please share it with their own friends and acquaintances.

For more microsite tips, visit https://www.findakidney.org/microsites/microsite-tips/.